About Us

ViewandAsk.com is committed to providing an economical online platform that establishes secure, anonymous communications channels between buyers and sellers to allow a "right now, view and ask" video chat session before making a buying decision.

Traditional online shopping and purchasing sites provide little assurance that "what is bought" is "what was received" by buyers.

Most current online shopping environments have no way for establishing two-way integrity and trust relationships between their buyers and sellers.

Buyers are often shocked when unwrapping an online purchase only to find defective, counterfeit, substituted, worn, scratched, rusted, soaked, deteriorated, or damaged merchandise. These packages usually arrive without containing an enclosed sales receipt. Even a return address label can be obscure or misleading. 

Buyer attempts to contact the original seller to arrange an exchange, or refund, become futile leading credit card companies to absorb millions of dollars in losses each year through claims filed by their card users who purchased online and are dissatisfied and frustrated with received merchandise.

ViewandAsk.com understands that an anonymouse and secure online shopping environment reduces the danger and risk presented to buyers and sellers who must expose their identities before and after a sales engagement. 

To help remedy this harmful situation, ViewandAsk.com's online system provides an anonymous, two-way visual communications system that allows a buyer to see and speak with a seller in real time and, at the same time, to visually inspect the item being sold without exchanging personally identifying information.

A buyer can see the seller's environment and even ask questions without revealing who or where they are located using our chat system.

Before buying, a buyer can request that a seller show an item's serial number, listen to a motor run, watch a laptop being used, see all sides of a garment, run a zipper up and down, show an expiration label, or anything else to help the buyer verify the integrity of the item.

Sellers can also be assured of a buyer's interest in their product and intent to purchase even to the point of negotiating a satisfactory price during the chat session.

All the while the buyer and seller never reveal any personal information about one another. On the same chat, or on a future chat via the ViewandAsk.com platform, the buyer and seller can finalize their sale having verified the honesty, legitimacy, and integrity of one another and the product.

In conclusion, ViewandAsk.com is committed to offering a premier online buying and selling platform that integrates the latest technologies for user economy, honesty, integrity, and security.