Why do I need to provide my email address?

We need your email address because, when other users send any type of communication to you, we need to know where to send that information so you can either buy or sell an item. We will also send out emails with promotions and discounts and we sure don't want you to miss that!

Why do I need to provide my phone number?

Providing a phone number is not a mandatory field, however we did add this option to send you text notifications when a buyer sends a payment or is requesting a secure video chat session with you. 
Please Note: when opting to receive text notifications, standard text and data rates may apply.


What is a screen name?

We at viewandask.com want to ensure the safety and privacy to all our users, so we have added the ability for all users to choose a Screen Name. A screen name is the name that will display on the screen of other users when viewing your listed items for sale or when conferencing with you --this feature prevents a user from knowing your real identity. For example, when another user on viewandask.com communicates with you, your screen name is what they will identify you by. The screen name will appear for secure video chat sessions, emails, chats, and any other form of communication through viewandask.com. We recommend using a screen name that does not inform other users of your real name, email, address, or other identifying information.


Why do I need to provide my city and state?

We do not require any user to provide their city, however we do require a state to be listed. Some items will require shipping and this will allow a possible buyer to estimate the shipping cost of an item. Also, if someone wants to pick up an item (Car, Boat, Trailer) they know the general area of the travel that may be associated with it and in this situation a city can be helpful, but again not necessary and only up to you. Remember, you always have the final say if you want to disclose information to anyone.


What is a username?

A username is your email address or your Screen Name when signing into viewandask.com.

When registering to become a member of viewandask.com, you will be required to furnish a valid email address which remains anonymous and allows other users to reach you using your Screen Name (See What is a screen name?). After registering to become a member and when visiting viewandsask.com, you are required to sign in using either your: 1) Email Address or 2) username (your anonymous Screen Name). Many users prefer to sign in using their username to conceal their identity, and not their email address, especially in public places or Wi-Fi Hotspots. 


What is the Blooper/Interesting post zone?

We all know that when a video is being recorded there is a chance for a blooper, and we do not want to miss it! If you're making a recording of your item and something goes wrong, do not delete it --just save it, share it, and mark it as a blooper, and we'll put it on our page for everyone to enjoy. Plus, you never know, it might go viral!

An “Interesting Post” is something that can be rare, awkward, or even strange and no one wants to miss that either. So, just like the blooper, we'll put it on our page for everyone to enjoy. Plus, you never know, it might go viral too!

NOTE: When saving your uploaded video as a blooper or interesting post, do not forget to upload another video of that same item which will then be listed as a sellable item.

What if I don't see my category or sub-category?

If you don't see the proper category or sub-category, don't worry, there is an option for you to create a category. Yes, I said you! We're providing our users with the access rights to create a category or sub-category to better assist when adding a listing. When a user creates a category, it will send us a notification for approval and as long as it meets our Terms and Conditions Agreement, we'll approve it.

**Please note that it can take up to 24hrs for approval.**




How much does it cost to list an item?

Viewandask.com charges $1.00 to post an item for sale. Yes, you read that right, only a single, a buck, a dollar, one smack dabber do...whatever you want to call it, but it really is only $1.00 USD! No tircks and hidden post selling fees. We charge a one-time up front fee of $1.00, regardless of the type of item being listed.

Real Estate:

Whether it is listing residential or commercial Real Estate property, the listing costs a one-time fee of $1.00, per listing and yes, that includes 15 minutes per video conferencing session. This feature is to give the listing agent or seller the ability to show the house with a client or buyer across town, in another state, or when someone may be handicapped or injured and can't physically visit the property but still wants to be shown the property. Remember the listing agent can "in real-time" show the property and carry on a secure two-way conversation with the interested buyer at the same time - great for a first time visit from a remotely located buyer before making the journey to visit in person (the same can be said about car sales too!).
We still recommend the client or buyer to view the house in person before making a purchase, however while looking why not do it remotely? 

Please Note: viewandask.com is not a credited realtor and only credited realtors can sell property. All houses purchased through our website must be done by a licensed realtor.


Just like Real Estate, we are providing users the ability to see the car through a "real-time" two-way video chat before making a trip just to learn that the car wasn't the car you thought it was! This feature also allows the seller to take the potential buyer on a virtual test drive where the buyer can hear and feel the cars performance from the comfort of one’s home. To list a vehicle, it costs a one-time fee of $1.00. You'll receive 6 minutes of conferencing per session when listing a vehicle.

Everything Else:

Everything else includes all other categories except real estate and vehicles. Everything else includes a 3-minute video chat, and depending on the listing price will determine the listing fee...jsut kidding, we already said it was $1.00.

Can I use viewandask.com on my cell phone or tablet?

Yes, our website is cross platform compatible. To ensure maximum compatibility with ViewandAsk.com, we recommend using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari  as your web browser. For the best user experience, please ensure that browsers are up to date with the most current release version.

NOTE: When using Apple devices, please ensure that your device it running iOS11.0 or above.

After I pay to post my item for sell, why don't I see my listing when I search for it?

Please do not be alarmed if you do not see your item on the website immediately after listing and paying. We activate every listing after it has been properly inspected for legality, safety, and integrity. We want to ensure a safe website for all users, so to do so we need to inspect every listing. We have also added a feature to report a listing with the "Report Abuse" button, so if something does slip by us, you’ll have the ability to report the listing for further examination by our administrators.



How long will it take before my listing becomes live?

We work around the clock to ensure your item gets posted as fast as possible. Like every business, we may receive a lot of listing at one time and it takes time to inspect each item to be listed, so please bear with us during these times. We do push to have every listing posted and viewable within 12 hours of it being payed for and submitted. 



Why do some listings display "make offer" and some display "buy now?"

When you see a listing that reads, "Make Offer", the seller checked the OBO (Or Best Offer) option when listing the item for sale.

When you see a listing that reads, "Buy Now", the seller did not check the OBO option, however it doesn't mean they won't accept less. Just shoot them an email and see what they say on your offer. Always remember that the worst they can say is no, right?

Why do I keep receiving an error message when uploading my video or pictures?

For pictures, we allow a maximum of 20MB per picture, so please be sure the size of the picture is 20MB or less. We only allow for 6 pictures too, so please be sure the picture with the issue isn't the 7th photo you are trying to upload.

For videos, we allow a maximum of 25MB per video; which will allow for a 30 second HD video. Please ensure the video is less than 25MB and less than 30 seconds for a successful upload.

If you feel that you are within the guidelines of pictures and videos and are still having problems, please go to the "support" tab at the top of the page and send us an email with the photo or video attached. We will inspect the file to better determine what the issue could be. If it is something on our side, we'll also be sure to get it resolved as fast as possible!

What is "My Account"?

My Account can also be referred as "Your Account". This is the area where you can manage all your listings; see who has requested to purchase your listing(s); see what item(s) you've purchased or placed an offer on; your wish list item(s); thing(s) that you are looking for; your contact schedule; the different forms of payment methods you accept; an area to open a support/trouble ticket; and the ability to update all your contact information in case something has changed.

What is "Listing Offers" under "My Account"?

Listing Offers are offers from buyers who are interested in buying your item(s). When someone requests to purchase an item, it will display here. You will have the option to accept the offer or to counter-offer the offer if the price isn't quite right. Once you accept an offer, you will also have the ability to send the buyer the form of payment you accept; whether it is PayPal, Vimeo, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: viewandask.com is does not take part in any transactions between buyers and sellers. When sending or receiving payments we recommend a trusted source just in case something does go wrong and a resolution is required. 

What is "Submitted Offers" under "My Account"?

Submitted Offers are offers that you have sent to sellers requesting to purchase their items. When a seller accepts or counter-offers your offer, you can see it here. The seller will also send you the form of payment they accept to help make the process easier. 

PLEASE NOTE: viewandask.com is does not take part in any transactions between buyers and sellers. When sending or receiving payments we recommend a trusted source just in case something does go wrong and a resolution is required. 

What is "My Wish List" under "My Account"?

My Wish List is a list of items that you have viewed from sellers that you may be interested in buying later and want to keep an eye on their status. This feature allows you to easily find the listing you like without having to search for the item.

What is "Looking For" under "My Account"?

Looking For is an area where you can post things that you are looking for, however have not had any luck finding it on our site or any other sites as well. When you search for a Looking For item, we'll send an email to our users letting them know that you are looking for this specific item and hopefully someone will have just what you need and post the item for sale -you will be notified by email too.

What is "Manage Contact Schedule" under "My Account"?

Manage Contact Schedule is where you can set the days and times when other users can reach you and inquire about an item. This includes all forms of communication --whether it is chat, video chat, email or any other form. The feature will help alleviate the overall wait time on requests/responses. A buyer who wants to view your listed item(s) will see that you are available and can immediately contact you. You schedule is broken down by "day of week" and "hours" providing you the ability to customize your availability, for example: Saturday 12Noon-7PM; or Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM, etc. However, regardless of your Contact Schedule, users can contact you via email no matter your schedule limits.

What is "Payment Methods" under "My Account"?

Since viewandask.com does not take any part in the financial transaction between a buyer and a seller, we figured that we'd add an area in the platform that allows you to send a buyer the forms of payment you accept with just the click of a button.

Please Note: viewandask.com does not take part in any transactions between buyers and sellers. When sending or receiving payments we recommend a trusted source like PayPal, Vimeo, Google Wallet, Apple Pay, etc.

What is "Support Tickets" under "My Account"?

Support Tickets is an area where you can open a trouble ticket to our administrators when something isn't functioning properly on the viewandask.com website. Some examples of opening a trouble ticket would include the following:
•    Received any type of error message 
•    Needed an answer that isn't covered in our FAQ
•    Getting harassed by another user. 
•    Payment Issues

Please Note: If you receive an error message, please "copy and paste" the error message into the body section of the Support Ticket and explain to us what it was that you were doing when the error message appeared. This will help aid in the investigation and proper resolution of your issue.

What is "Manage Profile" under "My Account"?

Manage Profile is the area where you can change your screen name; first name; last name; password; place of residence; and update your phone number along with your cell phone carrier. This will ensure that you still receive our text notifications on your listings. If you need to change your email, please be sure to open a ticket in the "Support Tickets" area specifying that you need to update your email address.

PLEASE NOTE: When changing your cell phone number or changing your cell phone service provider, don't forget to change your number and/or your carrier's identity here to ensure that you continue receiving text notifications from viewandask.com. Thanks!


How long does it take for an email, or text message, to reach a destination when sent through your viewandask.com application? For example, if I click a button on a listing page to chat with a seller, who is shown as online, how long before the seller receives my message?

When a registered member of viewandask.com clicks on a button within our application to send an email or a text message to another member, or to a non-member, the email or text message will take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple of minutes to arrive at its destination. The receipt time should usually be within a few seconds, but sometimes external communications issues arise which are beyond our control. Viewandask.com provides its members with a fast and reliable email and text message delivery system; however, intermittent delays can occur when another party has a low-speed Internet connection, a smartphone experiences a satellite or relay station delay, a Hotspot Wi-Fi is throttled or becomes congested, a network or ISP experiences a failure, messages become queued at a relay point, or for some other reason.

If you experience excessive delivery delays, please open a support ticket by clicking on "Support" at the top of this web page and send us a ticket so we can investigate and respond back. Thanks!!

Why do I need to pay for a listing when other sites allow it for free?

Well, our site is safe, secure, and has technology that no other site has. We allow our users to engage in a two-way secure video chat session to gain needed insight before making any purchases. Sellers should ensure that their item's listing price is added to the cost of their item to avoid unexpected costs for doing business.  However, our rates are so low most buyers will not know the difference. Plus, we promise to keep our rates low in order to attract both buyers and sellers.