Our Story

Have you ever found the perfect item online, all-excitedly ordered it, waited on pins and needles for it to arrive, only to find that it's the wrong...everything?! Wrong size, wrong part, wrong color...just wrong. Well, that is what led our CEO and Founder to create viewandask.com.

My name is Zachary Jensen, CEO and Founder of View and Ask. I was sick and tired of being burned online seller after seller. I always seemed to be giving the seller the benefit of the doubt, and after wasting so much time and money I set out to find a solution to the online buying problem. How am I going to do it you ask...with video, I am going to create an online market place that will provide the seller with the ability to upload a video of the item being sold. I wasn't done there though! What else can I do to make this idea even better, you ask...incorporate live two-way video conferencing. This way I can see the seller and be able to see the item exactly how I want before making that purchase or wasting that trip across town. It was then that viewandask.com was born. I have been sleeping on this idea for over 9 years and I am happy to finally bring it to life. Along the way, I have added a few extra features like the Blooper Zone, because we all know that when a camera is recording a blooper is going to happen and we all want to watch. My goal for this idea is to bring the trust back to online buying one sell at a time; and I think I'm right on track to doing just that. I hope you enjoy this site just as much as I enjoy bringing trust to your online shopping experience.
Zachary Jensen, CEO and Founder of viewandask.com